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We have been manufacturing products for the last 9 years using the latest technology. We produce preparations used worldwide! See what our Xnano series can do!



Xnano Silver 


Xnano Bio 


Xnano Waterproof 

The use of silver nanoparticles and nanoparticles gives the unique properties of the products
Eco technology products are human safety without VOC
Innovative production technique for nanoparticle protective preparations



  XnanoSilver – Zastosowanie jonów i nanocząsteczek srebra nadaje unikalne właściwości, takie jak: antybakteryjność, naturalność produktu. Gwarantuje skuteczną walkę z odorami i nieprzyjemnymi zapachami 

XnanoBio – Technologia Eco wykorzystana w procesie powstawania produktów to bezpieczeństwo dla człowieka. Preparaty uzyskane w naszej technologii są przyjazne alergikom, bezpieczne dla ludzkiego organizmu. Nie zawierają LZO oraz szkodliwych gazów sprężonych.


XnanoWaterproof – To innowacyjna technika produkcji środków hydrofobizujących z wykorzystaniem nanocząsteczek. Dzięki zdobytemu doświadczeniu i nowoczesnej technologii produkcji nasze komponenty i produkty końcowe są zawsze najwyższej jakości!



  XnanoSilver – The use of silver nanoparticles and nanoparticles gives unique properties, such as: antibacterial, natural product. It guarantees effective fighting against odor and odors

XnanoBio – Eco technology used in product development is human safety. The formulations obtained in our technology are friendly to allergens, safe for the human body. Do not contain VOCs and harmful compressed gases.


XnanoWaterproof – It is an innovative technique for the production of nanoparticle-based hydrophobizing agents. Thanks to our experience and modern production technology, our components and final products are always of the highest quality!

About us



The anti-odour and anti-bacterial agent for shoes

Description:  Xnano Fresh is an antiperspirant for the new generation of footwear. By using silver ion technology, our product not only eliminates odours, but also prevents their re-emergence. Its outstanding performance is confirmed by numerous tests carried out on athletes and other users. Thanks to the anti-odour plant compounds, it removes odours immediately after the application. Antibacterial and antifungal activity of silver ions prevents from new odours. Xnano Fresh does not cause allergies, neither does it contain aggressive ingredients, strong oxidants, Triclosan, or agents "masking" odours.

Application: Apply to protect boots and shoes for men and women such as: sports, trekking, elegant, tactical, outdoor and everyday footwear. It is recommended to apply into ski boots, skates and roller-skates.





Protection of clothing and textiles

Description:  Xnano H100 is an advanced product developed for protection of clothing and textiles: jackets, trousers, blouses, backpacks, and footwear. Impregnated garments are resistant to water penetration, humidity, formation of stains and mud adherence. Ideal for everyday use, forestry, hunting, mountain trips, etc. The impregnated fabric does not change the look or the texture. "Breathable" property of the fabric is retained.

Application: Apply the product onto clean and dry material with a spraying method. The impregnation must be applied at a distance of 10-15 cm. For better results, immediately after the application you can gently wipe the material with some foil or other non-absorbent material (e.g.: a rubber glove). Wait until it is dry. For best results, it is recommended to use the product regularly. The product must not be used for synthetic or lacquered leather.





Multi-protection of footwear against water, stains, mud and other dirt

Description: Xnano H200 is an enhanced formula of impregnation dedicated to footwear. It is an advanced product developed for the protection of sports, utility and trekking footwear. Nanotechnology applied in this formula ensures that the material does not change the texture or its look and "breathable" property of the fabric is retained. Impregnated footwear becomes resistant to the ingress of water, moisture, stains and dirt adherence.

Application: Apply to protect men and women’s footwear such as: sports, trekking, elegant, tactical, outdoor as well as everyday ones - all kinds of boots, slippers, sneakers, gym shoes and hiking boots.





Triple protection and care of glasses, eyewear and goggles

Description: Xnano Glass Touch is a revolutionary triple formula for: antibacterial care, anti-fog coating and cleaning. A product for care of glasses of all kinds: sunglasses, goggles and helmets (use also for plastic glasses in helmets and ski goggles). Prevents from the deposition of the steam particles forming a fog effect as well as even the fines dust. Perfectly cleans, removes stains and grease.

Application:  The product for cleaning, protection and care of all types of eyewear – the majority of eyeglasses, ski goggles and motorcycle helmets (it can also be applied to plastic glasses in helmets and ski goggles).





Sanitizer (cleaning and maintenance) of wetsuits and neoprene

Description: Professional formula for sanitizing wetsuits, neoprene, drysuits and cycling outfits. It eliminates unpleasant odour and effectively removes organic residues and salt. Antibacterial effect. The product is safe for the material and human. Safe for the environment. Regular use of the product increases the lifetime of your wetsuit or any other technical outfit.

Application:  Product dedicated to wetsuits and neoprene. Use for cleaning, maintenance and sanitizing any kind of swimming and diving wetsuits, cycling outfit and other neoprene clothing and wetsuits.





Impregnating and cleaning detergent

Description: Special detergent conferring resistance to water, dirt and stains. Gently cleans the dirt, improves resistance to stains and water penetration. Can be used for washing clothes with membranes, e.g. Gore-Tex. Refreshes the ‘breathable’ property of fabrics and linings for absorbing moisture. The product is easy to use, can be applied both in machine washing and hand washing.

Application:  Apply the product onto the fabric and wait until it is dry





Specialist impregnation for clothing and footwear

Description: Special agent dedicated and designed for forestry and military clothing, and survival gear. Contrary to popular agents, it has unique properties. It protects the material from water, mud, stains and other dirt. For use on clothing and footwear. Distinctive properties: the fabric remains unchanged in terms of feel, does not swish or stiffens, stays naturally "breathable", neither does it shine in the sun. UV resistant. Also recommended for paintball clothing and apparel.

Application:  Used for protecting for forestry, military, survival clothing and footwear of any kind. Impregnates jackets, boots, pants, sweaters, fleece, sweatshirts, uniforms, scarves and shawls, caps and hats, gloves and t-shirts.



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